easydb project: easy database interface for SQLite, MS Access, MS Excel and MySQL

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easydb (and its sub--packages) allows you to read and write data from / to SQLite, MS Access, MS Excel and MySQL databases, very simply (see below).
easydb works on top of  RSQLite and RODBC. easydb subsetting style is similar to the dfdb package (that brought the idea).

Step 1: describe the database

library( "easyrsqlite" )     # if SQLite
library( "easyrodbcaccess" ) # if MS Access
library( "easyrodbcexcel" ) # If MS Excel
library( "easyrodbcmysql" ) # if MySQL

# For a MS Access database
myDb <- edb( dbName = "soils.mdb", dbType = "RODBC_Access" )

# For a SQLite database
myDb <- edb( dbName = "soils.db", dbType = "RSQLite_SQLite" )
Notes: This step is the only operation that vary with database type. myDb is not a connexion. It doesn't need to be "closed" when operations are finished.

Step 2: inspect the database

# List existing tables
res <- edbNames( myDb )

# List columns in a table
res <- edbColnames( myDb, tableName = "SOIL_PROFILES" )

Step 3: Retrieve data:

# data.frame style subseting, with single square brackets [ ] 

# Get the table "SOIL_PROFILES"
res <- myDb[ "SOIL_PROFILES" ]

# Or retreive only some columns "ID_PROFILE" and "NAME"
res <- myDb[ "SOIL_PROFILES", , c("ID_PROFILE","NAME") ]

# Or retreive only some rows and some columns (id 1 to 5)
res <- myDb[ "SOIL_PROFILES", list( "ID_PROFILE" = 1:5 ), c("ID_PROFILE","NAME") ]
Notes: No need of SQL queries, easydb does it internally (for basic operations). More row constrains can be passed in list( ... )

Step 4: Write data:

# Add data to a table
myDb[ "SOIL_PROFILES" ] <- some_data_frame

 easydb: detailed package description

About easydb

The easydb provides the abstraction layer (object classes) that are used by the database specific sub-packages easyrsqlite, easyrodbcaccess, easyrodbcexcel, and easyrodbcmysql.

easydb is an R package providing functions to easily read and write data from / to SQLite, MS Access, MS Excel and MySQL databases, and perform a few other operations. easydb provide the same interface (set of functions) for all these databases. It is build on top of RSQLite and RODBC,  but tries to hide tedious operations such as opening and closing database connections, or writing SQL queries. easydb provides S3 classes functions to manipulate databases in a similar way as a data.frame (single square brackets [ ] subsetting). Nonetheless it does not work exactly as a  data.frame, because a data.frame have rows and columns, while a databases have tables, rows and columns. I lately realized that the idea has actually been already been implemented since 2009 by John Fox and Oswaldo Cruz in their dfdb package (very similar to easydb for some things). I hope you will find the package useful and not too buggy (please report me any problem).

Credit and license

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Feature list

What easydb doesn't do

Note: this is not a roadmap. I may implement some of these features in the future (especially those I need), but I don't intend to create the ultimate / universal R Swiss Army Knife for handling databases :o). Any code contribution is more than welcome. Report me any bug you may find.

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